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PVC Cellular siding combines home-defining curb appeal with unsurpassed durability. Home and business owners throughout St. Louis metropolitan and surrounding counties are making this option more popular than ever, and our siding installation service can help you to decide if it is right for your property.

  • Longevity. PVC Cellular siding is long-lasting, and since it is resistant to both insects and moisture, it could last for 50 years.
  • Maintenance. This siding requires minimal care, other than periodic power washing and new paint periodically.
  • Cost. PVC Cellular siding is more expensive than vinyl, but less expensive than wood siding.

Installing PVC Cellular siding is similar to the process for wood siding. Our experienced siding installation contractor team ensures that all joints line up correctly. We also have the specialized tools needed to cut this siding correctly, guaranteeing smooth cuts. Call us today to find out if PVC Cellular siding might be right for your property.

PVC Cellular Siding

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